What are the most Trusted Cricket Betting Tips for World T20-2016?

Cricket in India is more popular than the national game hockey. The Indian people are really in love with Cricket. Now, this is the time for World T20. That too, India only the host of this tournament. Needless to say, this is a big festival for the Indian cricket fans.

cricket betting tips

Indians are crazy about playing cricket and betting on it as well. Betting on cricket in India is in full swing these days. Especially, IPL is there for the cricket punters. They need good cricket betting tips on getting a better luck.

Here, we are presenting the best cricket betting tips for the Indian cricket lovers to have more happy moments with the ongoing World T20 series.

Right now, the tournament has almost reached the semis stage. So far, you might have won or lost money on betting. To get money further, we strongly recommend you take the help of the online cricket betting predictions.

On 30th March, England and New Zealand are going to compete for the final berth. New Zealand is in its full pace with four consecutive victories, stood top in the group 2. On the other hand, with three wins and one lost, the English are in the second position in the group 1. Obviously, more chances are for New Zealand only.

However, the match will be at Kotla ground, Delhi which supports pace bowling. So, we cannot tell now who would be the winners.

On the next day, India and West Indies are having a head to head. Both are very strong with their batting line up. But, they are purely dependent on some batsmen only. For example, if Gayle plays his way, WI can make a whopping score. On the other hand, Virat Kohli is in his best form.

The cricket betting tips you get from the internet, cannot predict anything until even the toss. Toss plays really a crucial role in the result of the match. So, observe the toss and see until the first innings.

After the first innings, you can get some better view on the result of the match result. In T20, it is pretty much common that the match results are inconsistent. Anything is possible with the T20 cricket. So, follow the cricket betting predictions offered by many online service websites.

It is better to go with the session bettings rather than the match results. Do not go for high amounts and selling properties for the sake of betting. Just go with the predictions and make wise decisions.

For exact predictions, please visit: www.cricketbettingtips.com


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